Grand River Academy Of Dance

Dance Uniforms

Dance uniforms are an important addition to your dance registration.

Here’s why!

  1. A proper uniform allows us to see the dancer’s posture and alignment. This helps to ensure the dancer is executing their steps and technical elements correctly. This prevents injury or incorrect execution. The uniform enables us to see what we need to help our dancers improve and stay safe. We want to see alignment from head to toe. The best way to see this is in more fitting clothing. Specifically tights and a bodysuit for ballet or tights and tight shorts for other styles.
  2. One of our five guiding principles at GRAD is Equality. We want all our students to feel equal and everyone wearing the same thing helps ensure equality in their attire. Dancers are still able to show their uniqueness and personality through their dancing and performance.
  3. Participation in a dance class involves teaching the dancers to move in time with each other and the music. With the same uniform, this mimics their performance where they all wear the same costume. It creates a cohesive atmosphere and can promote dancers to dance together in unison.
  4. Many professional organizations, whether dance-related or not, will have a specified uniform. While many of our students are here for the fun and joy of dance and don’t plan on pursuing dance as a career, dance provides valuable life skills, and wearing the uniform helps students remain respectful of our organization and our rules, like they may encounter when they get to high school or into the workforce.
  5. When all dancers are in proper uniform, they are showing their teacher respect. It shows preparedness and that they are ready to learn!
  6. You’re dressed for the part! When you feel ready for a dance class and look the part, you will dance the part!

For each of our classes, we have our uniforms listed here. And for our ballet classes we have limited stock available for purchase. If you have any questions, please let us know!