Grand River Academy Of Dance

A Virtual Tour!

To say it’s been a tough time for in past 18 months would be an understatement.

Everyone has struggled in one way or another. Postponed weddings, vacations, proms, graduations….just not being at school or work in general. It’s been hard.

Covid has stolen a lot of joy from the world…but now it feels like we might be able to experience a little joy again if we’re careful and do it the right way.

Through our closures I have used the downtime I’ve had to do some projects that have been difficult to accomplish when kids are in the studio (like painting and repairs) so with the studio eerily quiet for 4 months, I made some changes.

I’m super excited to get back to the studio. It’s not the same without dueling stereos and the sound of kids laughing and enjoying being kids. I have goosebumps thinking about those sounds again. It’s been way too long since we’ve had it.

Normally at this time of year, I’d be gearing up for an Epic Open House with drop-in classes, face painting, and a dancewear sale. This year we won’t have a full open house so we can continue to be safe and follow public health measures. However, if dancers and their families want a tour, we can provide a private tour and info session at the studio.

For now, please enjoy our little “virtual tour” you can see all the work we’ve done.

I hope it gets you and your dancer excited to come back to the studio!

Contact Us if you’d like to come by for a tour or a chat!

We’re ready when you are!