Grand River Academy Of Dance

At Grand River Academy of Dance, we are proud to offer parents and children a quality experience.

Professional Studio Space

We have a professional studio space at Grand River Academy of Dance including:

  • Clean, organized space with full mirrors, sound systems and Barres in every studio room
  • Large studio rooms with floating floors that absorb shock and reduce injuries.
  • CCTV for parents to view classes from the comfort of our lobby
  • Convenient location in a safe retail plaza close to other services like Oxford Learning Centre and Nail Salons and Restaurants
  • Lots of free parking.
  • Free Dance Bag for every new student

Communication Strategy

Our relationship with you and your child matters to us. We strive to ensure we are communicating with you throughout your experience with us.

  • We have efficient and courteous administrative staff to answer your questions and help you with any concerns.
  • Introductory information packages about the studio and the class your child has signed up for are given out when you register.
  • Regular information about the studio, classes and events are provided to parents through newsletters and blog postings, a website that answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and in-class announcements.
  • Event notifications are sent out in plenty of time to respond. We send event notifications out by email and we provide a printed notice that is handed out in class. Please check our bulletin board for announcements.
  • In-class observation each year lets you see up close how we interact with your child.

Excellent Technical Instruction

We believe dance classes are an opportunity to teach your child good dance technique. We believe classes should be fun, with a good mix of fitness, technique and artistic expression.

  • Our teachers are professional members of many dance organizations (R.A.D., P.A.C.E, etc.) Professional memberships mean that our teachers are held responsible for professional codes of conduct and ability.
  • We offer Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) ballet exams on an annual basis to eligible students. In preparing for an exam the student learns more than just dance, they learn how to study and apply themselves to a specific goal. They learn how to memorize and retain substantial amounts of material and how to perform under pressure. All of these are important life skills to develop.
  • We support students interested in pursuing recreational and competitive dancing opportunities by offering classes that focus on technique and competitive dancing as separate streams. Dancing competitively is not a requirement at our studio.
  • We believe in offering our students – recreational students, competitive students, pre-schoolers, and adult – the same attention and high quality instruction.

Professional Year End Show

We believe in giving our dancers the opportunity to experience a professional performance – after all, dance is a performing art! We run our annual show as a professional theatre show with full lighting and sound, dress and technical rehearsals and costumes.

Reasonable Costume Costs

As we want you and your child to have a positive experience participating in our annual performance, we have created an affordable and simple strategy to manage costumes.

  • Early in the year, we ask for a deposit of $50 and we have our costume department measure your child.
  • We order costumes in standard sizes and when they arrive, we will alter your child’s costume at no charge.
  • The balance (between $0-$45) is due in the Spring when you pick up the costume.
  • We guarantee that costume costs will not exceed $95 for regular classes.
  • Please note that for competitive classes, costume costs may exceed $95