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Here are 5 tips for staying motivated with your dance goals in the new year:  Change doesn’t happen overnight – make sure you celebrate your little successes along the way that help you get to your long term goals. For example – your splits won’t appear overnight. But make sure to celebrate when you notice

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Staff Holiday Faves!

Happy Holidays everyone!!   We’re here with some fun facts about what your dance teachers’ favourite parts of their long deserved Holiday break are! Read below to find out some of your dance teachers’ fun traditions/favourite parts of the holidays (other than their 3 week long nap 😴):  Miss Laura:  “I LOVE wrapping presents this time

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Is Dance a Sport or an Art?

Dance is one of those fascinating activities that has a hard time falling into a certain “category”. It seems like a never-ending debate on whether it’s considered a “sport” or an “art”. We would like to argue that it’s both. Here’s why….  Why a Sport?  Dance is an unbelievably physically demanding activity. It requires lots

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I’ve had the privilege of growing up at this dance studio. I’ve been around since the first year GRAD opened it’s doors in 2001. During my time at the studio, I’ve actually had my fair share of different dance teachers. I danced at the studio for 14 years, and this is about to be my

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The Benefits of Pre-Registration

We are getting ready to launch our pre-registration event!! Ever wonder why we offer pre-registration?  Here are a few reasons it’s a good idea to pre-register. You will save some money.  We offer a 5% discount on all our classes for the following year! You are pretty much guaranteed a spot in the class of your

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