Grand River Academy Of Dance

7 Tips to Prevent Injury in Dance

  1. Stay hydrated.

Drink lots of Water before, and after you dance and hydrate as needed during.  This helps prepare and repair your muscles.

2. Perform a thorough warm up.

When muscles are cold and tense, dancers have a greater risk of injury.  Warming up your muscles helps prevent injury by easing them into the activity before pushing them to their limit by executing movement before they are fully ready.

3. Learn and use correct dance techniques.

Listen to your instructors, they know the correct way to execute, so when they explain it, listen with both ears and look with both eyes.

4. Dance on the right surface.

We ensure safety in our environment by providing large studio rooms with floating floors that absorb shock and reduce injuries.

5. Wear proper footwear.

It’s not just about the look – wearing the proper footwear allows you the correct support for the type of dance you’ll be doing.  Even if it’s bare feet!

6. Dance at your own level.

Don’t try moves on your own that you haven’t reached a level of competency already with your instructors. 

7. Cool Down.

Take the time to stretch and rest properly after you dance.  This will allow your muscles and joints time to repair and rest before your next class!