Grand River Academy Of Dance


I’ve had the privilege of growing up at this dance studio. I’ve been around since the first year GRAD opened it’s doors in 2001. During my time at the studio, I’ve actually had my fair share of different dance teachers. I danced at the studio for 14 years, and this is about to be my 10th year as a teacher here. In those 14 years as a student, I had over 10 different teachers. Did I learn the same things from all of them? No. They all taught me different and valuable skills that moulded me into the teacher and person I am today. Let’s meet all of them:

Teacher #1:

Teacher 1 taught me everything I needed to know as a dancer. They taught me how to point my toes, keep my knees stretched, how to have proper posture in ballet class. They taught me the history of dance. They guided me throughout my whole 14 years as a dancer. I will be forever grateful to Teacher 1 for providing that foundation for me.

Teacher #2:

Teacher 2 gave me my passion for dance. They had the most creative ideas and saw choreography in a whole other way that made the classroom such a fun and interesting place to be. I don’t know if I would have lasted in this environment without Teacher 2, because she sparked a passion for dance inside of me that I didn’t even know was there at the time.

Teacher #3:

Teacher 3 taught me more than I ever thought they would, considering they only taught me as a student for one year. But Teacher 3 has grown to be more than just a teacher; they have become a mentor, a confidant and a friend. They have taught me how to deal with my students and how to problem solve. I am forever thankful for how large a role Teacher 3 has had in my life.

Teacher #4:

Teacher 4 taught me how to turn. This may seem like a small thing, but as a dancer you need to have a strong focus and strong core to be able to turn. This teacher gave me the tips and tools I needed to find that sense of balance and focus. 

Teacher #5:

Teacher 5 taught me the value of stripping dance down to the basics and focusing on technique. This teacher wouldn’t give us complicated jumps or turns, which would frustrate us at the time. But reflecting back, this teacher taught us the value of clean and precise technique that makes for a good and clean number. 

Teacher #6:

Teacher 6 taught me how to be strong. This teacher had more of a loud personality, which was helpful for learning how to attack movements more sharply. Learning from someone with a strong personality also helps in developing your own strong personality.

Teacher #7:

Teacher 7 taught me how to stay current on dance trends so you can evolve as a dancer/teacher and grow with your students. This teacher was always recommending dance videos, music, and wanted to try new steps to see how we could push ourselves.

Teacher #8:

Teacher 8 taught me how to let go of what people think and tap into your creative side. This teacher taught – and still teaches me – how to use movements in ways that nobody expects, and to go against the norm to produce something really amazing.

Teacher #9:

Teacher 9 taught me to have fun. This teacher really embodied having fun with their students and made the classroom such a warm and welcoming environment for everyone. 

Teacher #10:

Teacher 10 never actually taught me as a student, but taught me as a student teacher . They taught me how to have patience. This teacher has the most patience I have ever seen; and when I get frustrated or run out of ideas of how to help a student, I think of this teacher’s patience and I take a step back. 

I hope this gives you a snippet of what you can learn from any dance teacher that walks through your studio doors. As you can see from above, not everything necessarily translates into a skill you will use in your dance career, but everything you learn in the studio will help mould and shape the person you will become. You will look back and be grateful for all those little things and experiences that make you who you are. 

Love Miss Emily ❤️