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What age can my child start dance?

Most Commonly Asked Question #1

How old does my child have to be to start dancing?

One of the many questions we get asked at GRAD is how old kids have to be to take a dance class. Studios have different answers for different reasons. Here are ours.

We start our dancers in Level 1 Ballet at the age of 3. If they are going to turn three before the end of the year that they start in, we will take them, providing they are fully toilet trained.

Dancers can then start taking Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Musical Theater and Hip Hop when they turn 5.

We want to give our little budding dancers the chance to learn the foundations of dance. The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus we follow allows the students to become aware of the positions of the body, demonstrate control, co-ordination and perform a sequence of steps to depict a story. They also learn how to take turns, patience, listening skills and they build their first friendships. For some of our Level 1 students this is their first experience in an organized activity before starting school.

Our Level 1 classes are also only 45 minutes in length. We feel this is the perfect amount of time for the attention span of a 3 or 4 year old.

Once they have these basic skills they can branch out into other forms of dance and explore dance and find their passion or what they enjoy the most.

If you want more info, you can call us…or better still come watch or try a class to see where your child will fit.

Yours in Dance,

Miss Laura