Grand River Academy Of Dance

Staff Holiday Faves!

Happy Holidays everyone!!  

We’re here with some fun facts about what your dance teachers’ favourite parts of their long deserved Holiday break are! Read below to find out some of your dance teachers’ fun traditions/favourite parts of the holidays (other than their 3 week long nap 😴): 

Miss Laura: 

“I LOVE wrapping presents this time of year! Getting to make all the gifts look aesthetically pleasing and organized is right up my alley 🎁” 

Miss Emily: 

“My favourite part of the holidays is all of the Christmas lights that go up around town! I especially love going to Waterloo Park every year and looking at the big display of characters that go up there, and trying to guess what they’re all supposed to be! 🎄” 

Miss Kristen:  

“I’m not sure that I would classify myself as a ‘Holiday Person’, but since my favourite Holiday is Halloween – I’ll watch horror movies all year round! No need to just keep them to October 👻” 

Miss Julia: 

“I love baking cookies around the holidays! The smell is incredible, and getting to eat them afterwards is even better! 🍪” 

Miss Payton: 

“My favourite holiday tradition is a classic – decorating the Christmas tree! 🎄” 

Miss Carrie: 

“I love decorating a gingerbread house this time of year! It’s a fun activity and a treat afterwards too! 🏠” 

Miss Stephanie:  

“My favourite holiday tradition is listening to the Nutcracker soundtrack and sipping hot chocolate! The Nutcracker is a dance teacher favourite this time of year! 🩰”