Grand River Academy Of Dance

Meet Our Teachers – Part 6

Meet Miss Laura L.


Miss Laura…or the Other Miss Laura….has been at GRAD forever…she started here as a student when her old studio closed down and she has become an integral part of the GRAD family.  Miss Laura L. is also An ECE with the Waterloo Region District School Board and with that she has the patience of a saint.  Miss Laura L. teachers our younger students and her favourite style to teach is tap, but she also teaches ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop.  Miss Laura’s classroom is a fun and well organized and always moving.


Things you will love about Miss Laura’s Class:


  • It’s organized and well planned
  • There’s always something going on, the kids are never bored or sitting around doing nothing
  • She plays with them, and uses a lot of imagery with younger kids to teach the fundamentals of dance.
  • She’s patient, she’s kind but she also commands respect from her students, for both herself and the art of dance.


Miss Laura is also part of our office staff.  She can help any of our parents and students with any questions they have, from “Can I have a bandaid?” to “Can I make a Payment?” or even “Ok, How does this dance class thing all work?”  She is friendly and knowledgeable and GRAD is lucky to have her on staff.