Grand River Academy Of Dance

Our Favourite Dance Movies

March Break is coming up and for most, that means a break from Dance Class.  Will you miss it?  If you answered yet to that question (and we hope you all answered yes!)  then take a look at the list below to see what movies we recommend to keep you dancing until classes resume.


For younger Kids age 12 and under:

1.  Angelina Ballerina – Dancing on Ice

2.  Getting to the Nutcracker

3.  A Ballerina’s Tale

4.  Happy Feet

5.  First Position



For Anyone over Age 12

1.  Stomp the Yard

2.  Fame

3.  Centerstage

4.  Chicago

5.  Step Up

6.  Dirty Dancing

7.  Black Swan

8.  Billy Elliott

9.  You Got Served

10.  Footloose


Do you have a favourite dance movie we missed?  Let us know!