Grand River Academy Of Dance

Another Guest Blog

This time Miss Laura L has written a guest blog!  We have the best staff!



When asked to write a blog for the website – so many thoughts popped into my head – and I didn’t know where to start. I wear more than one hat at the studio – Teacher and Administrator and there is lot of me that goes into both parts of the Job.

For those that do not know me – Not only do I work at the dance studio 3 nights a week as well as Saturdays – I also have a full time job that I love and I bring into my teaching style. I am An Early Childhood Educator currently working in the Waterloo region district school board. I have more than 15 years’ experience as an ECE and this definitely influences my teaching style.

I have been a teacher at GRAD for many years, and before that I have danced as long as I can remember – Tap being my Favourite – no surprise there! When I was younger I never thought of dance being a career path I could see myself on, but I couldn’t be happier to bring my two interests together. If your child has had me as a teacher you know – I am fair, I have patience’s and more often than not a smile on my face ready to greet the children regardless of how the day went while at work. The first time a child masters “skipping” or a “step and a hop” (as we call it) as well as that “shuffle” that they have been working on, it makes me so happy and proud for them I could cry. The pictures I receive to hang on my fridge, the hugs that I get when class begins or ends – that’s the reason I do what I do.

I can remember every dance teacher I have had – from the age of 3 when I started dance until now. Even as a teacher, I am always learning and growing. I want to be that dance teacher they remember.

I typically teach the “baby ballet” to the “mini” levels and then the children move on and go to other levels and more teachers. But my hope is that they can take a part of what I have taught or instilled in them to help them grow into the best dancers they can be. When I see the children I have taught who are “all grown up” dancing on the stage – whither it be at recital, competition, or a special performance they are in, I get excited and feel proud for each and every one of them. (Especially those who screamed their way through classes or I had to hold in my arms and dance in flip flops with)

For my students past and present: I am proud of each one of you and the dancers you will be or the dancers you have become!

Love Miss Laura L